How I came to my life’s work

Today my three latest books were launched at the meeting of the Presbytery and Synod of South Australia: People, Places and Planes, Manifesto for Renewal and  The Basis of Union: A Commentary by J Davis McCaughey.… Continue reading

The Discarded, the Expendable, and the Risen Crucified One: An Easter Reflection

I thought I’d share this little essay that I contributed to the Easter issue of Australian Leadership: “The Church preaches Christ the risen crucified One and confesses him as Lord to the glory… Continue reading

An anniversary

I just realised that it was forty years ago this month that I started studying theology.  My first class was at Queensland University in the BA course. I started with the subject, The… Continue reading

Remembering mentoring

Thanks to Craig Mitchell, evidence of my first album “Reason To Live” appeared on Face Book. It garnered a whole lot more interest than I’d have expected. Recorded early in 1978, the album collected… Continue reading

The Basis of Union, Manifesto for Renewal, and the China Christian Council

I’ve recently finished a revised edition of my very first book, Manifesto for Renewal (1986). Essentially this 30th anniversary edition is the same book that was published in 1986 but, I hope, a… Continue reading

Strategy, culture and theological imagination

Several months ago, in my final video message as UCA President, I mentioned  that I’d decided to “fast” from western theology and focus on theology from the thriving, suffering church of the global south… Continue reading

Thanking God for Rev N Colville Crowe

Today we farewelled our dear brother/cousin/husband/father/grandfather and friend, Colville Crowe in services of worship at Sydney Chien Uniting Church and Macquarie Park Crematorium. I was privileged to be invited to preach at the… Continue reading

What is religion anyway?

Several years ago I was invited to write an article on religion, infertility and assisted reproductive technology. It’s a field that I’ve been involved in for many years. Just today, in fact I… Continue reading

An old guy singing old songs

Re-entering my real life has some surprising moments. Cleaning up bookmarks I came across some dodgy videos from four years ago. I was getting to know my new traveling guitar and recorded each… Continue reading

Proposal on Palestine

TodayFelicity Amery and I introduced a proposal to the 14th Assembly of the UCA to “establish an awareness-raising campaign throughout he Church on the plight of the Palestinian Christians and the Palestinian people,… Continue reading