Grace and peace to you at Christmas

“Life is like riding a bicycle”, Albert Einstein said, “To keep your balance you must keep moving.” And we have moved literally this year. We’re renovating our dear little house in South Plympton… Continue reading

How do decisions get made in the Uniting Church? Part 2: Our polity.

Christ is the head of the church.  The Uniting Church in Australia, like every other church, has policies and governance arrangements that reflect that conviction and keep it open to Christ’s leadership in… Continue reading

How do decision get made in the Uniting Church? Part 1: Polity, What’s Polity?

There’s a story some friends who work in the Church of Scotland’s Assembly office once told me. Apparently a junior staffer from the City of Edinburgh Council phoned the Assembly office to find… Continue reading

Mum’s story and me

Saturday before last I was finishing my grocery shop at Castle Plaza. I had one last item to pick up from “The Cheese Board”. It was crowded and I was on a schedule.… Continue reading

Matters Vital to the Life of the Church

The decision of the 15th Assembly on marriage has been raising all sorts of questions. The President has given the church an explanation of the decision  and the Assembly has also provided  an… Continue reading

What’s the difference between the Ministry of the Word and the Ministry of Deacon in the UCA?

Quite a while ago I blogged on the meaning of ordination in the Uniting Church. I want to add to that here by making some comments about the two UCA ministries that people… Continue reading

Thank You, Lay Preachers

It’s Lay Preachers’ Sunday this weekend (August 5, 2018). And a good time to remember the wonderful ministries of these local leaders all across the continent. In the Uniting Church, more than half… Continue reading

A word of hope for us all

There are plenty of congregations, members and ministers in the Uniting Church who are disappointed by the Assembly’s recent decision on marriage – many have described the way they feel as “heartbroken”. Personally,… Continue reading

Long before Ezekiel stepped into that valley…

The 4th day of the 15th Assembly began with worship led by the Northern Synod. It included the reading of Ezekiel 37:1-14; the vision of the valley of dry bones, a prophecy of… Continue reading


I turned 60 today. Sixty! That’s me, having done with the “first third” many years ago, now done with the “second third”. Which means this’s me embarking on the “third third”? Friends have… Continue reading