Ethics-y stuff

I had a great time today talking with a UCA Adult Fellowship group about “Ethical issues the church has been thinking about and also should be thinking about”. Snappy title, eh? But we had a great time.

So, I started with a definition of “ethics” as “moral principles  that govern a person’s behaviour or the conduct of an activity”. There are other definitions for other occasions but this one was fine for this one.

We jammed around this for awhile and then I offered a survey of the variety of ways in which the UCA applies biblical principles to individual or corporate behaviour. (Have a go at sketching your own survey now – you’ll be surprised at how  much stuff you find.)

But, in the end, we looked at two statements that demonstrated – on paper at least – how the founding generation and the present generation of the UCA connect biblical principles with behaviour today. Got to say that it was a pretty encouraging exercise. They were impressed by the 1977 Statement to the Nation, and encouraged and excited by the 2012 Reconciliation People statement. Read them for yourself: Statement to the Nation 1977 and Reconciliation People 2012

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