I turned 60 today. Sixty! That’s me, having done with the “first third” many years ago, now done with the “second third”. Which means this’s me embarking on the “third third”? Friends have looked at me strangely when I’ve referred to myself entering the “terminal third”. They don’t like the sound of that and don’t appreciate my gallows humour. I don’t think that tag will catch on.

And neither should it. Any way I look at it, it’s just a beautiful gift to turn 60 healthy, happy, with worthwhile work, a partners’ love, and a wonderful network of friends and family. “Terminal”? No. By the grace of God, there might well be plenty of miles to go in this journey.

I woke up thinking of my family, friends and mentors who never got to turn 60. Peter, Ricki, Colette, Albert, Barry, precious Frazer, beautiful Lawrence, the irrepressible Barry…

Today’s just a gift. And the days to come are a wonder of grace.D3872598-E229-4237-AFF1-ECD7947E6A51