03This is the blogsite of the Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney. Andrew is the Principal of Uniting College for Leadership & Theology and Professor of Theology at Flinders University. He is a Past President of the Uniting Church in Australia.  Andrew is a well-known media commentator on ethics and spirituality and is widely published on theology and ethics. His works include Backyard Theology (2011), Playing God: Ethics and Faith (2001) and Food, Sex & Death: A Personal Account of Christianity (1993)Andrew is also a leading interpreter of the history and theology of the Uniting Church, and is renowned for his passion for the Uniting Church’s founding document, the Basis of Union. His books in this area include Manifesto for Renewal: The Shaping of a New Church. New Edition (2016),  People, Places and Planes: Presidential Field Notes and Reflections (2015), Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia (2008), A Genuinely Educated Ministry: Three studies on theological education in the Uniting Church in Australia (2008 and 2011), and Where did the joy come from? Revisiting the Basis of Union (2001).

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