A word of hope for us all

There are plenty of congregations, members and ministers in the Uniting Church who are disappointed by the Assembly’s recent decision on marriage – many have described the way they feel as “heartbroken”.

Personally, I think the Assembly has done its work properly and that, with God’s help, we can flourish with diversity in this matter. I’ve written about that. But I know others disagree with me.

Late on Friday night, after the decision had been taken, a colleague and friend who does not share my view sent me a really inspiring affirmation from Calvin. I share it now to encourage all of us – the devastated and the pleased. This is where our hope really lies.

Although the church is at the present time hardly to be distinguished from a dead or at best a sick man, there is no reason for despair, for the Lord raises up his own suddenly, as he waked the dead from the grave. This we must clearly remember, lest, when the church fails to shine forth, we conclude too quickly that her light has died utterly away. But the church in the world is so preserved that she rises suddenly from the dead. Her very preservation through the days is due to a succession of such miracles. Let us cling to the remembrance that she is not without her resurrection, or rather, not without her many resurrections.” [John Calvin – Commentary, Micah 4:6]