An old guy singing old songs

Re-entering my real life has some surprising moments. Cleaning up bookmarks I came across some dodgy videos from four years ago. I was getting to know my new traveling guitar and recorded each of them in a single take in our sitting room. Not very high tech. I put a pocket Nikon on a pile of paperbacks to get the right height, pressed record, sat down, played the song then got up to turn the video off. 

As well getting to know my new guitar, I was remembering the times, earlier in my life when I wrote the songs. I explained on one: “An old guy sings an old song while he takes a break from the paperwork. The song was published in my book “Food Sex & Death” (1993). It recalls events at the end of the ‘seventies, when I was a young guy singing new songs. I love my life. I’m very blessed. But geeze it has its ups and downs.” I’m happy enough with that explanation. 

That song was Clean. The other songs I found are  Jesus wasn’t very pickyNo one blames the blame the girlJesus make me happy, and Cats in the kitchen. There may be some others too, but I didn’t bookmark them if there are.  


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