Giving God a Laugh

The taxi that took me from Sydney Airport to Kensington was driven by a Russian Jew. I was on my way to a meeting of the Assembly Standing Committee. The driver enjoyed having a practicing Christian in his car. He wanted to know what “Uniting Church” is. Was it like “Protestant”? Was it the same as “Catholic”? We talked about circumcision, baptism, Israel and genetic testing. As we got nearer to the conference centre he decided to give me a gift – an old saying a Rabbi had given him once – “If you want to give God a really good laugh,” he said, “tell Him your plans!”

So I collected my bags, still laughing at his true joke, and found my way into the building for three days of making plans with church leaders from all over the country. Three days of giving God a laugh.

I’ve got some plans to tell you about in the next few days. Exciting plans. At least the ASC seemed to think so. But I still thought it might be good to share that bit of Jewish wisdom first: If you want to give God a really good laugh, tell Him your plans!



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